How to increase buttocks quickly without surgery|10 Natural Herbs to Increase the Size of Your Butto

how to increase buttocks quickly without surgery 10 natural herbs to increase the size of your buttocks. To show off a perfect pair of buttocks, it is not necessary to use the scalpel. In fact, we have the solution at home, that is, a more feasible, less risky and low cost solution.
The size of the buttocks is conditioned to nutrition, therefore, a balanced diet allows the genes to develop better, so the buttocks size increases or decreases, based on the proteins we consume.
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1.- One of the best-known infusions to increase buttocks is hops, which, due to the components of its flowers, interacts with estrogen receptors for growth of the gluteus. In this case, it should be consumed as a tea twice a day, as an infusion with or without sugar.

2.- Fennel also elevates hormone levels, and, precisely, causes fat accumulation strictly in the buttocks, so it helps to increase them in size.

3.- The use of fenugreek is also recommended for buttock size increase, by muscle mass formation and its proportion of phytoestrogens, respectively.

4.- alholva is also a beneficial plant for this process. It not only helps the growth of buttocks, but also the hips and breasts, and, mainly, the size of your thighs.

5.- Yam: this plant originates mainly from China and some areas of North America like Mexico and the United States. Yam has a high progesterone content, which is responsible for the increase of buttocks size.

6.- Dandelion has been used since ancient times for different home remedies, it increases the secretions of our body and helps to produce new cells. Because of this, its effectiveness is attributed for buttocks size increase.

7.- Maca helps the body to stimulate the estrogens found in the woman’s body so it greatly helps the growth not only of the buttocks, it also helps the growth of the breasts.

8.- Oatmeal is also effective for the growth of the buttocks
because it contains micronutrients that help muscle growth mainly in the breasts, buttocks and hips.

9.- Pueraria mirifica: This root contains many phytoestrogens and is therefore effective for an increase in buttocks size.

10.- Dong quai: It helps regulate the hormones. Therefore, this herb is effective for an increase in buttocks size. To get the most benefits, it is recommended to consume it in infusion.
In conclusion, the idea is to regulate the levels of estrogen and testosterone in the body, so that food is properly assimilated.

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